Look into your past to understand what has shaped your patterns. You’ll be guided through resolution practices to help you heal at the root cause to free you of painful patterns.


In this phase, you’ll reconnect with your needs, desires and highest vision for your life & relationships. You’ll be guided through different embodiment practices that allow you to step into your most empowered self.


In this phase, you will connect deeply with your body. You’ll be able to feel your needs, desires and intuitions so you can lead a life of expression, clarity and truth. You’ll get out of your head and into your body.



A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

"finding the person who's right for you requires a very subtle alchemy"

Alchemy, the Program.

A self-guided relational inner work journey

Teachings to become aware of your patterns and how they developed. Exercises to practice a new way of being.

Alchemy contains integrative practices so that you can transform your relationships. No more staying stuck and settling.

Inside Alchemy, you’ll be guided into the depths of your subconscious mind and patterns. Everything will begin to click. You will come to understand your mind, choices and relationships. You’ll also be equipped with practical tools and techniques to make lasting change possible.

Maybe you’re single

and you have downloaded and deleted dating apps about a thousand times. You swear it off each time you press delete, only to redownload it the next day. You want a relationship, but you feel like all the men/partners you go on dates with are unavailable or unwilling to commit. You find yourself in a constant push/pull dance that leaves you in a state of anxiety and insecurity…

Maybe you’re in a relationship

and you aren’t sure if who you’re with is who you thought they were. You struggle to resolve conflict and ask for what you need. At times, setting boundaries may feel overwhelming and you’re scared they will leave if you speak your truth. You feel like you’ve lost parts of yourself and you aren’t sure what you truly want...

Maybe you're in a long-term partnership

and the passion and depth have fizzled out. You’ve moved through many stages of your relationship, but now it feels stagnant. You’re reading books and listening to podcasts trying to bring back the connection, but nothing seems to work for long…

Wherever see yourself in this, there's a common thread. You need to work on your relationship with yourself.

That is why I created this program.

Trying to make changes on your own can leave you feeling lost and frustrated. If you feel stuck, I see you.

Alchemy is about re-writing patterns, starting with your relationship with yourself.

A deep dive to give you the awareness and tools you need to transform your relationships.

Is this you?

Then I have a few truths for you...

Your subconscious mind is 95% of your mental functioning. If your psyche isn’t entirely on board with making healthy changes, you won’t be able to move forward.

Your subconscious is attracted to a certain kind of person to meet unconscious motivations from childhood. If you keep attracting partners who aren’t a healthy match, it’s time to get curious as to why that is.

If you are in a partnership with a healthy match yet can’t find common ground or keep the connection alive, it’s time to look at why that’s happening.

While this can be a painful realization, it also means you have the power to make changes. That’s where Alchemy comes in.

What's included


3 Months of Live Guidance

In these sessions, I will be guiding you through powerful, integrative processes that reveal your subconscious mind. These sessions are a practice ground for your evolution. You will have vulnerable experiences that change the way you relate to yourself and others. “We are wounded in relationship and we heal in relationship.”

Weekly Modules

Each week, you will go through a module to prepare for the live calls. Inside you will learn how to ask yourself life-changing questions. Your understanding of relationships and yourself will shift, allowing you to see and interact with others in a more present, open way.


Voice Messaging & Community Support:

You will access a community platform to stay connected and receive ongoing support. Inside, you’ll share your insights, realizations, wins and questions, so you’re held for the entire three-month period.


Toolbox Library:

This is a resource centre with a growing library of interactive practices and processes you can use in different life scenarios. Some examples include... Conscious couple practices, dating guides, self-soothing mediations, sensual feminine embodiment practices, dream analysis and more.


Don't miss out, join the waitlist now!

If you want a chance to claim one of the limited seats in the program, fill this out and I’ll get back to you with more information.

Phase one

In this phase, you’ll uncover your painful patterns & discover why they formed in the first place. Then we’ll work with healing practices to help you heal at the origin.

Phase 1

Learn the truth about cultivating self-confidence. Understand how your subconscious mind impacts your relationships and choices. Decode your patterns and belief systems so you can re-write more empowering ones. Learn the 5 stages of consciousness evolution. Overcome your blocks through shadow work. Learn how to end self-sabotage patterns. Cultivate routines that shape your life.

Uncover your relationship patterns and learn your unconscious motivations in relationship. Discover why you keep attracting the same kind of people and start attracting healthier dynamics into your life. Find your blocks to connection so you can open your heart to deeper love. Learn the 4 stages of relationship evolution and how to co-create a conscious relationship.

Explore your family system and how it impacts you today. Understand your insecure attachment patterns (avoidant, anxious, anxious-avoidant, disorganized) and how to work towards secure attachment. Identify and heal the masculine & feminine wounds. Heal belief systems that prevent you from connecting fully with others. Address potential abandonment wounds and learn to self-soothe into safety.

In this module, you will be guided through a powerful family mapping & healing process. You will uncover repetitive themes of trauma throughout your family system and learn how those patterns impact you today. Then you will be guided through a resolution process to break the cycle and create a healthier way going forward.

Phase 2

Discover your emotional blueprint. Reconnect to the emotions you are disconnected from. Adopt healthier ways of being. Cultivate confident body language. Become your most magnetic self.

Uncover the masks you wear that prevent you from being seen. Heal your relationship with your inner child and discover your core needs. Find a balance between external and internal validation. Learn how to reparent yourself so you feel fulfilled in your life and relationships.

Learn how to use language to diffuse conflicts and create more depth in your relationships. Learn the art of empowered language systems.

In this module, you will complete an impactful higher self manifesto. You will be clear on what you want to call in and how you want to show up. You will begin creating a guide for yourself to step into your power and heal your relationships.

Phase two

In this phase, you’ll reconnect with your needs and desires. You will craft your highest vision for your life & relationships. You’ll be guided through different embodiment practices that allow you to step into your most empowered self.

Phase three

In this module, you’ll reconnect to your body and regulate your nervous system. From here, you’ll be able to feel your needs, desires and intuitions so you can lead a life of expression, clarity and truth. You’ll go from reacting to responding. You’ll get out of your head and into your body. You’ll be able to lead a more present, conscious life.

Phase 3

Create more safety in your body so you can feel safe opening your heart and expressing your truth. Ending sticky patterns happens here. The integration is in the body and nervous system. Your body has to be on board with the changes your mind seeks. This is the framework for you to make lasting change.

Develop your intuition so you can make aligned choices. Become equipped with conscious relationship tools. Use expansive embodiment practices to help you express the sides of yourself you normally keep small or hidden. Become empowered, expressive and alive.

In the final stages of the program, you will learn the art of overcoming resistance when it inevitably arises. By this stage, you will have a wide range of self-understanding and awareness. You will look back on the journey you just underwent as realize how wildly capable you are at creating change in your life.

The last step is preparing your integration guide. This is a compilation of your journey and all that you uncovered. You will create a life-changing guide for healing your relationships and choosing who you want to be and how you want to show up in this life.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is now offered as a self-study course that you can join at any time. There will be live versions of Alchemy 1-2x per year. If you purchase the self-study course, you’ll get an email when we are running it live, and you can join for a discounted rate since you’ve purchased the materials.

The most important aspect is that you have the willingness to look within and take ownership of your life and choices.

This work is about empowerment, which means you have to be in ownership of your contribution to the struggles you face in life & relationship. The materials will help guide you through ownership work without going into shame.

In the program, you’ll be exploring parts of your mind that may feel uncomfortable addressing.

*All of this is done considering your nervous system and trauma. You have complete autonomy to participate in what you choose.

Now that this is a self-paced program, you’ll be able to work through the materials at a pace that works for you. I suggest blocking off time in your schedule and making it a priority. 

When we run the program live, it will be an 8-week container where you’ll get direct support and be guided through exercises. Those who purchased the materials (self-study course) will get first access to joining the live rounds when they happen (1-2x per year).

The methods I use are different from traditional talk therapy models. They are based on Jungian Shadow Work principles, where we focus on parts of your psyche that you are unaware of. I also work with family systems analysis, ancestral resolution work, somatic experiencing and conscious relationship principles.

Bringing all these teachings, tools, and practices together allows us to work together at both a mind & body level.

In my experience, working with these two levels simultaneously provides the most transformation and lasting integration.

It’s not easy work, and it takes a willingness on your end to make change possible. However, I have many tools and years of experience to make this journey approachable and applicable.

Access to these materials originally cost 2500 USD as the full 3-month program.

The self-study course is now only 497 USD, and if you choose to join the live program when they are run, you’ll receive a large discount.

The live program pricing will depend on the round, and that information will be emailed to you when it is available.

The full price for the live programs will be around 1297 USD (for the materials AND live sessions).

When you purchase the self-study course, you’ll get access to upgrade to the live program for only 600 USD (You’ll save 200 on the full price).

This will all depend on two things:

1. How willing you are to fully ‘bring’ yourself to this work.

2. Your unique history, relationship patterns and goals.

I’ve had clients come out of my programs ending long-term unhealthy relationships only to get married to a secure, balanced partner a year later.

I’ve worked with clients who stopped playing small and doubting themselves so they could reach next-level success in their careers and businesses.

I’ve had clients heal their relationships with family members after years of distance and conflict.

I’ve helped a client walk through a breakup and being cheated on, only to become stronger, happier and more clear on what she wanted.

This is just a lil snippet. You can learn more about my clients’ results on the “Results” page. You can find more in the “Results” and “More Results” highlights section of my Instagram.

Begin your journey

If you’re ready to make a change, begin the application process and find out if Alchemy is right for you. 

Meet your guide

Over the years I’ve trained with countless world-class mentors in transpersonal psychology, family systems work, shadow work, somatic experiencing, conscious relationship teachings, depth psychology and ancestral resolution work.

I’ve experienced incredible shifts as a result of doing this work. I have begun to accept who I am now, who I was and who I will be without judging or shaming any part of myself while simultaneously having compassion when I feel the urge to. I feel more confident in using my voice in a way that represents my truth in the most genuine way possible. I am clear on what’s true for me, I am able to lovingly communicate my needs to those I want to set boundaries with. This has made space for harmony and flow to enter all of my dynamics. I’ve found the strength to let go of patterns, beliefs, habits, things and people that are no longer serving me. Now I have so many tools, practices and a beautiful community that I can choose to lean on instead.