Discover if They Are Right for You (Before You Enter a Relationship

In the pursuit of love, people often forget to take a step back and ensure that who they are dating is right for them. Without properly qualifying your partners, you cannot create a stable foundation for your relationship to bloom. You need to know what you want to ensure you are asking the right questions. […]

A Guide on How To Understand Your Projections

We all carry a particular set of beliefs and perspectives based on our unique experiences. Your mind works like a movie projector. Other people are the ‘mirrors’ that reflect aspects of yourself and your experiences. Learning to ‘catch’ your projections will help you know yourself better. It will also help you work through relationship struggles. […]

Are You Angry or Are You Hurt?

Sometimes it feels easier to be angry towards someone than it is to admit that they hurt you. Underneath anger is often sadness. Each emotion has its purpose, but to deny either is to deny yourself. Your anger will serve to set boundaries, change patterns and put an end to poor treatment. Your sadness will […]