The Art of Alchemy

A nine month facilitation training

Coaching Institute

A 9-month Inner Work training for coaches ready to uplevel their skills, call in more clients, and scale with ease.

You’re ready to…​

Learn how to masterfully guide your clients into transformation and let your results speak for themselves.

Upgrade your mindset and inner work skills from cookie-cutter to mind-melting status.

Uphold ethics in your coaching practice to create trust, not cause harm, and serve your clients in a big way.

Know how to safely hold and process trauma when it arises while remaining in your scope of practice.

Increase your referrals and client retention to experience more ease in business growth.

Feel more equipped in sessions, knowing you have a full range of potent tools to support clients through all kinds of situations.

Stand out in the sea of online coaches through thought leadership, impactful testimonials, and expertise.

Scale your business and reach more people while living a balanced, adventure-filled life.